Friday, September 2, 2011

Great Shopping With Coupons This Week

Lots of great deals this week!  First stop was Rite Aid.  I did this transaction twice and used the +upRR from the first to pay for the second.  In the end, for four packages of Stayfree and two Mitchum deodorants, I only paid $2 out of pocket.  And have lots of +up RR left over for next week.

Both of these are awesome donate items for recent hurricane Irene victims if they are not something you would ordinarily use.

Then it was off to Target.  I really just went for the Fabreze warmers as they were a $ maker.  The funny thing is that I don't even know what they are.  Nor do I even like smelly things in my house other than the occasional vanilla candle.  And even that's rare.  Ha.  So if you know me in real life and would like a warmer thingy, just let me know and it's all yours. 

I had three FREE Lipton tea coupons left from the print they offered a while back (no longer available but I did post it on here when it came out).  Plus a BOGO Free coupon.  Target was offering buy four, get the fifth free.  So I got all FIVE of those for free, baby!  They are quite tasty too.  Handy when I'm out and about hunting down coupon-tastic deals.

I've been off my coupon game for a few months.  But am back on top of the coupon binders now.  I am totally caught up with all of my clipping and sorting and filing.  Finally. 

I didn't really have one reason why I was so behind other than I was out of town most of June and then didn't really need a ton of stuff I guess in July.  That's the thing about building a supply/stockpile.  Especially when you don't have a big family I guess.  And have a small (read: teeny tiny) home with negligible storage space.  When you're full, you're full.  I can only buy/store so many tubes of toothpaste and bottles of body wash. 

Actually, I still laugh at myself.  When I first started couponing, I bought ever deal I found.  Even if I didn't need/use it.  So I ended up with tons of mens body wash and deodorant.  Then there was the week when I was about to run out of my (women's) body wash and the next day found (my first of many) a great deal on the Nivea body wash.  I was so excited that I bought several.  And then every other week I was finding an equally awesome (read: free) deal.  There I was thinking I would never find any and now I go weeks walking away from equally great buys because I already have a shelf full. 

So for anyone reading new to couponing, let my mistakes be your lessons.  Don't buy stuff that you don't need/want.  And don't buy a lifetime supply at the first sale.  There will always be another sale down the road.  Many bloggers say the sales run @ every 6 weeks.  I am not sure I have found that to be so true at my stores.  But I would say that most things go on the rock bottom sales at least four or five times a year, if not more often. 

Did anyone find some fabulous and unexpected deal this week?

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