Thursday, September 29, 2011

Price Chopper Was Featured On TLC's Extreme Couponing Show Last Night!

Well I am totally off my game this week.  I've not clipped a single coupon or even opened the circulars.  A dear friend just passed away and I am not really in the coupon mindset at the moment. 

But to relax last night, I did happen to catch a bit of TLC's Extreme Couponing show.  I don't actually watch regularly.  Not because I dislike it but because I never remember what night it's on. 

Oh and do not get me started on how silly I think it is when people get their panties in a bunch over this show.  It's a TV reality show.  They ask the couponers to show their biggest haul to make it fun for the viewers to watch.  Many of those couponers actually do big donations after the show.  But that stuff usually gets cut.  The bottom line is that it is no more a representation of every day couponing than the Jersey Shore is a representation of either the state of NJ or people of Italian heritage.  Oh and funny thing, did you know that Snookie (who's name I thought was Snoopy for the longest time) is actually of Hispanic decent, not Italian.  True story. 

Anyway, I happened upon the show last night.  And guess where one lovely gal was shopping?  PRICE CHOPPER!  The couponer and her sister were shopping for the sister's wedding and it was actually a sweet story line.  But when I saw those hang tags and realized it was the great P Chop, I perked up.  Then when I saw her do many transactions, I perked up even more.  And when the cashier was sooo nice to her...wide awake!

I mean, I get razzed for using three coupons in a single transaction sometimes.  She was allowed to do a dozen or so transactions and use LOTS of coupons.  I was impressed.  And excited.  In a strange way, it gave me a little bit more confidence to see that Price Chopper recognized a couponer in such a way. 

I would never do a dozen transactions in a store on the same day.  Honestly who has that kind of time and energy?  But knowing they let this gal do that makes me believe that corporate isn't the issue with couponing.  The grumbly cashiers are just grumbly.  Clearly corporate looks favorably on couponing.  Heck, we just got double coupons so they must see the value in couponers, right?

So in a strange twist of events, thanks TLC Extreme Couponing show for showing this Chopper Shopper that the PC Corp apparently does like couponers.  Woo hoo!

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