Friday, March 25, 2011

FREE Listerine

I did however have GREAT success at CVS yesterday.  I used this $2/2 coupon (you can print two- just hit back space after the first starts printing) to score four bottles of Listerine.  They are sale this week 5/$5 (meaning they are a buck each).  Buy (2), use (1) coupon.  And they all end up FREE (plus tax of course).

Now when I first started couponing, I thought it would be better to get a big bottle and use the coupon.  But now I look at things as price per use/ounce/serving.  So this smaller bottle ends up being $0/serving with this particular sale and coupon.  Clearly the best deal!

While you are there, be sure to do a slow drive by the clearance end cap.  Every store has one somewhere.  In my stores it is always towards the back.  I found three Physician's Formula make-up items, all products I actually LOVE, on clearance.  They ranged from $2.32-$3.24.  In the same big box of random make-up clearance items, I found several $3/1 pink peelie coupons that were not attached to anything.  I assume they were once attached to these three packages though as they were the only Physician's Formula products I could find in the box.  So with the clearance price and the $3/1 coupons, I scored all THREE for FREE!

And one last bit about CVS, I finally got a good coupon from the magic red coupon thingy.  I guess because I don't shop there all that often, I don't qualify for all the best coupons.  But today I received a $1/1 Starbucks coffee coupon.  I love those Starbucks Frappuccinos ($2).  So I snagged one for half price today.  No, not free.  But I pay five times that for a drink when I have a meeting at Starbucks on a regular basis.  And it was just a fun little yummy treat that I rarely buy (because they are not exactly a health food- ha).

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