Friday, March 25, 2011


Right now at Rite Aid, Nutra Nail products are buy one get one FREE.  So buy two.  And use (1) of these Buy One Get One FREE (up to $8!) coupons to score TWO for FREE!!  Just in time for spring pedicures.

Though I will tell you, that while this is absolutely within the coupon policy of Rite Aid, I had trouble today.  The manager had to be called because the cashier said I couldn't get something for free.  I of course didn't bring their policy with me and they do not have one to be found in the store.  He insisted and so did I.  But we were both polite, knowing we would be vindicated when the manager finally showed up.  The manager (who has given me coupon trouble before), said I could use it but should not be able to.  That I should have to buy something.  I said I was.  The coupon was tender to the store as the manufacturer will reimburse them the full amount.  He kept saying that I should not be able to get something for free.  I said I wasn't.  I was paying with a coupon and then still paying tax.  He was accusing me of stealing but also said I was allowed to do it.  All very confusing and frustrating.  Normally I have the best luck at Rite Aid.  It really is just this one manager.  I wanted to cry after this manager humiliated me very loudly, repeatedly and in front of other customers.  But in the end, I did get two products that I wanted for FREE (plus tax of course).

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Jayna Rae said...

I think I will give this a try tomorrow. I was telling my friend how they gave you a hard time today because we were talking about poor customer service. I wonder if it is possible to print the policy. I may check and keep it in my purse for moments like this. I will let you know if I find it.