Monday, March 28, 2011

Service To The Stars

I've blogged a few times about my quest to get all five of my Times Union newspaper subscriptions delivered without issue.  Meaning, each including the proper coupon inserts.  And to date, this has never happened.  Each week though, I send an email to my favorite newspaper fairy who takes care to get my missing inserts to me the next day. 

I feel so guilty each Sunday when I email her.  This Sunday, it was close to being perfect.  I was missing one paper and one was missing an insert.  So in total I was missing two sets of inserts.  I feel like such a complainer.  But I am also buying the papers specifically for the inserts.  So I work up my nerves to send along an email. 

But I have to tell you that even with the missing inserts each week, the customer service at Times Union is spectacular!  They are soooo nice to this crazy coupon lady.  I feel like I should drop by the office with a basket of goodies that I picked up using coupons. 

So Cathy and TU crew...thanks for all of your help!  I know mistakes happen but y'all always go above and beyond to fix them.  And really, that's more than we can ask for in life.

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Jayna Rae said...

So glad to hear that good customer service exists somewhere.