Saturday, March 26, 2011

No Plan At Target

I ran to Target to use up those Finish coupons that were about to expire.  I really had no plan other than picking up two more boxes of Finish.  I know, I said I don't pay for dish detergent.  And I have a lifetime supply of it.  But I adore those little tabs and with my coupons, I got each box for $0.54.  It's not like they are going to expire any time soon.

I have more Excedrin that I know what to do with (actually I do, I keep donating it).  But there is more than $0.60 OVERAGE to use on other things.  So more came home with me.  I think I am finally out of those coupons now.

My father decided he likes the granola bars.  Go figure.  So I used up my coupons to get him what seems like a lifetime supply.  I ran out of the $0.50 coupons though so the total for those NINE boxes seen in the photo was and earth shattering $1.  He loves Wheat Thins too.  Those funny, new boxes regularly sell for $2.99.  They are on sale for $2/each.  I had the Target $1/2 coupon and the newspaper manufacturer $1/2 coupon.  I also had THE WORLDS MOST AMAZING cashier today.  OMG I fell in love with her.  I had all three of my transactions separated and she asked if I did that because of coupons.  I confirmed but promised her I was organized.  She then said words I never ever expected to hear.  "No problem.  I'll just do them all in the same transaction."  Then, as soon as the Wheat Thins were scanned, they spit out a $0.50 catalina coupon.  She asked if I wanted to use it.  I explained that I didn't think I could based on my other two coupons but she insisted we try to scan it.  And it worked!  So I took those two boxes home for $0.75/each.  Oh, I also gave away an extra manu coupon to the lady picking up the same crackers.  Sharing is caring, right?

I have no idea if I will even like those drinks but I figure they will probably be tasty and nice to have handy.  There was a hang tag coupon on the ice tea drink stating that if I bought that Fuze drink, the ice tea drink was FREE.  The Sobe are on sale this week for $1 and I used the $0.50/1 Target coupon.  So I think I paid about $2 for all four of those drinks. 

The Visine was my most exciting deal, simply because both my father and I were just saying that we needed it.  He was thrilled when I handed it to him and proclaimed, in my very best Vanna White fashion, that I got it for FREE.  You can too.  Go here to print off this $2/1 coupon.  Hit back page as soon as it starts printing to grab two.  Then head to Target and get the travel size bottles (in the travel section).  In my store they were $1.97/each.  I've read that in other stores they can be found near check out so you might need to check a few locations to find the 2.8oz bottles. 

And the chips are just a guilty pleasure.  They are on sale this week (and pretty much every other week) 2/$5.  Target has a store coupon for $1/2.  Not amazing, but when you are jonsing for crunchy salty goodness...  Honestly I have yet to find potato chips for under $2/bag.  I am guessing I might find better deals in the summer months.  I am also guessing I should lay off the chips.  Ha!

But enough chatter....I know we are all in this for the final numbers.  Ha!

$45.46  : Value of items purchased.
$37.42  : Savings from sales and coupons.
$8.04  : Total paid out of pocket.
78.5%  : Percent saved.


Jayna Rae said...

We love those bars, and I realized after leaving last time that I should've used my coupon on those small boxes because it was a better deal.

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