Sunday, March 13, 2011

You Should Have To Pay Something

I took a deep breath and walked my rear end into Walgreens again today.

I have yet to experience a positive transaction in any Walgreens.  And using coupons has only made matters worse.  Oh that store is so just not for me.  I don't get it and it doesn't get me.  We have agreed to disagree I suppose.

But I had a bunch of Buy One Get One FREE men's Right Guard deodorant coupons.  And they were also on sale in the store for BOGO FREE.  Meaning they were totally free (plus tax).  While I was there, I cruised the aisles a bit to see if I could use a coupon on anything else.  I am so rarely there that I thought I should get my couponing in.  I found the small boxes of Cream of Wheat for $1 and remembered that I had four $1/1 coupons in my binder.  Perfect.  I headed to check out, expecting to only pay tax.

30 minutes later...

You had to see that coming, right?  Oy!  The Cream of Wheat coupons wouldn't ring up so the manager had to over-ride them.  The BOGO FREE coupons are always an ordeal.  And they were having issues there too.  She said my total was a bit more than $3.  I questioned it but as there were now a solid 4000 people behind me in line who were not amused by my coupon adventures and plethora of apologies, I paid and scooted to the side to look at the receipt.  I knew I was right.  One of the deodorants didn't ring up as FREE.  So I got back in line.  She tried to fix it.  Then tried to convince me it was all tax.  I pointed to where tax was specified on the receipt.  I overpaid.  She called the manager over.  Who proceeded to help me.  Honestly both of the cashiers were awesome.  I want to make that clear.  It was mostly computer error and then the cashier taking off the wrong amount one time for the coupon.  I kept asking to just ring each up separately.  But it took me 15 mins to get her to do that. 

But she forgot to include the four boxes of Cream of Wheat in the last transaction so had to also do those separately.  Then announced that she knew why the coupons weren't working.  It was because the boxes were $1 and the coupons were for $1.  Um...yes??  No overage.  Shouldn't be an issue.  Well NY doesn't tax on food so I wasn't going to pay tax either.  I am embarrassed to tell you that I never realized this but OK...I still didn't see the problem.  Well you should have to pay something.  I am, in the form of a $1 coupon.  I am not stealing as you will get your $1 back from the manufacturer.  Well you really should have to pay something.

I took my bags and left.  Exhausted.  Embarrassed.  And rather deflated.

All of the stuff I bought....straight into my donation box.  I'm not even keeping a bit of it.  I just thought that the deals were too good to pass up.  Ugh...but at what price?  Walgreens and I remain on unfriendly terms.

But hopefully the homeless men in my city, of which there are an abundance, will smell nice and have some hot breakfast cereal.  Much to Walgreens' chagrin.

On the other hand, I had the best time at Rite Aid.  Oh Rite Aid, you are such a fun and friendly place to shop!  I'm rather excited to try out this new Purex Crystals Fabric Softener stuff this week.


Jayna Rae said...

I think that God is totally using you and your hard couponing work. What a blessing you are to the men in your area. There is nothing that can measure the act that you are doing.

BTW-always jealous of your coupon savvy. I am not any where near this point.

gertie said...

Such a shame. Walgreens is one of my most coupon friendly stores- only behind Kroger. I really enjoy both your blogs, and appreciate a "newbie" couponer like myself blogging about her aspect!

Sunshine and Summertime said...

I had the same issues and MORE at Walgreens. Target seems to be the place where I really save the most and have been the most successful!