Tuesday, March 22, 2011

GREAT Deals At Walgreens!

I have been so busy lately that I have not done much other than work on my big fundraiser for one of my volunteer gigs.  I bought nearly nothing last week.  But I had a few spare moments today and took advantage of some awesome Walgreens deals.

Before I show you what I bought, let me preface this by saying that I know there are more deals there this week.  But these are the deals I found/wanted to take advantage of.  I also didn't get the Chex or Kettle Chip coupon that so many others got in their paper inserts this week.  AND...as I will explain...the body wash deal was apparently a fluke.  But I am in general, going to be more timely in showing my coupon deals so that others may take advantage of them too.  I am also going to seriously get my booty in gear to buy a new camera so that I can stop taking crappy blackberry photos.  I know...it's really terrible.  Sorry.

*  Snickers Eggs  2/$1
~ buy (2)
~ use (1) $1/2 Mars Easter candy manu coupon from Sunday paper
= (2) for FREE 

* Air Wick iMotion or Freshmatic  $7.99
~ on sale in store Buy One, Get One FREE
~ Buy (2)
~ use (2) $4/1 manu coupons from Sunday's paper
= (2) for FREE

* Almay Make-up remover Towelettes  $4.19
~ Buy One, Receive $5 Register Reward, Limit 1
~ Buy (1)
~ use $2/1 Almay product in Walgreens Spring Beauty Guide (I found a big stack on the cosmetics counter.  You will NOT need to cut it out.  You can just have them scan it and hand the book back to you to use over and over.)
= Pay out of pocket $2.19, Receive $5 Register Reward

*  Plackers Flossers, 90 pack,  $2
~ Buy One, Receive $2 Register Reward, Limit 1
~ Buy (1)
= Pay out of pocket $2, Receive $2 Register Reward

*  Purex Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent, 32 loads,  $5.99
~ on sale for $2.99
~ $1/1 newspaper (from a week or two ago) coupon
= Pay out of pocket $1.99

*  Right Guard Body Wash  $4.99
~ mistakenly still marked on sale as Buy One Get One FREE
~ Buy (2)
~ use (1) Buy One Get One Free newspaper coupon (from a week or two ago)
~ use (1) $1/1 peelie coupon stuck to the bottles
= (2) for FREE plus $1 overage to use in order.  So I essentially got paid $1 to take home two bottles of body wash.

OK so the body wash deal was a fluke.  Since I didn't shop much last week and these were in a spot that previously held lotion (I am sure of this as I actually bought the lotion from this section) and still had lotion on either side of the small display and there were a total of THREE B1G1 signs up...I had no idea it was old signage.  It was Tuesday evening too.  So when they rang up both at full price, I mentioned that they were on sale.  That is when the cashier told me that it was old signage.  But I truly had no idea.  I said as much, because at that point I really was sure he was mistaken.  Three signs, new spot and Tues PM...  But he gave it to me anyway.  So I think I just got lucky.  But the homeless shelter will be most grateful to be able to give these away to their clients so I don't really feel bad about the whole situation. 

I do not count the Register Rewards into my transaction until I actually use them.  I had a few RR bucks to use today.  But the $7 RR I earned today, for me, will not factor in until I actually use them.

Ready for my grand total?  Are you sure?

Ooooh it's really good!

$64.11... goods that I bought (excludes NY tax).
Minus Walgreens sales, Walgreens coupon and manufacturer coupons...
$6.73... what I paid out of pocket (of which $2.57 was pure tax).
And earned $7 in Register Rewards!!

That's a savings of 89.5%!

Even if you don't have a single coupon in your possession, you can take advantage of the Almay deal because the coupon book is right there in the store.  Use the earned $5 RR to buy something else you need that's not on sale this week.

Some Walgreens notes...
* You cannot rinse, wash and repeat with a single deal.  Meaning that, for example, you cannot buy the Almay towelettes and earn $5 RR and then use that RR to buy the towelettes again AND earn another $5 RR.  You can do all of that but it will not produce a new RR.  You can however use RR's that were earned from different products to buy more towelettes and use the Almay RR's on something else.  Does that make any sense? 
* In the end, you can only average one coupon per item.  So while you can totally use a Walgreens coupon AND a manufacturer coupon AND Walgreens Register Rewards, you cannot have more coupons than total number of items purchased.  So if you buy a total of six items, you can only use a total of six coupon.  And Register Rewards count as coupons.  That's an advantage of the Snickers deal because I only needed one coupon for every two products.  That left openings for other coupons to be used.
* The beauty book did not scan well.  The manager said it was nation-wide and well known.  But I know not all managers will be aware of this and might talk you out of being able to apply this coupon. 

For my pea brain, Walgreens is the most complicated of stores to use coupons.  But I think this proves that even a novice with a pea brain can totally rock the coupon deals at Walgreens!


...just another preppy shopaholic said...

Didn't know you had a coupon blog! Congrats, I need to get back into couponing! Love your blog layout!

Pink and Green Moms said...

That is so awesome! I think I have all of those coupons - totally going to hit up Walmart tomorrow! Thanks for the post! - Natasha

KatiePerk said...

exceptional post!!! those snicker's eggs are the devil!!! I adore them.

Jayna Rae said...

You rock! Seriously because I do not get deals even an eighth as amazing. I really need to get the paper. I think that might help. I have printed coupons online, but there just doesn't seem to be any great deals on the things I use/need.