Saturday, March 26, 2011

Today's Free Sample

I love signing up for free samples.  I've been doing that looooong before I started crazy couponing.  It's a great way to try a new product or just to get a freebie of your favorite products.  They are often individual sizes which are great for grab and go moments.  But now that I am a coupon-aholic, I have wised up to the fact that they often come with high value coupons too.  I don't buy All You magazine.  But I did sign up in January to be on their email list because their website lists one free sample each day.  I bet I sign up for a free sample of something, anything, five or six days each week.  And it makes getting the mail so much fun!

These FLIX Dental Sticks are the sample listed today.  It take under a minute to click the link and fill in your information.  In four to six weeks, your sample should arrive.  You will get to try a new product, store away a good coupon and look forward to something other than bills and junk in your mailbox.

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