Thursday, November 3, 2011

Coupon Rumble...Kate Gosselin Blogs.


Before I start in on this hot coupon topic, let me state that I am not a Kate Gosselin fan.  Nor am I a hater.  I honestly just don't care either way at this point. 

I think she seems like a pretty good momma.  And it bugs me to no end when she gets criticized for working instead of staying home to "take care of her kids."  Working does not make for a bad parent.  I just think that is the most unfair critical statement towards her.  No one ever criticizes Reese Witherspoon (love love her!) or Kelly Ripa or Elizabeth Hassleback for being working moms.  Both Kelly and Elizabeth are popular, in part, because they talk about their kids publicly.  Justin Bieber and Dakota Fanning are adored child entertainers.  No one is picking apart their parents' choices to let them work at baby ages.  She also gets picked apart when she travels for work or goes out for an evening.  Yet no one would ever criticize a man who travels for work.  Or a woman who has a girls night out or weekly meeting at church or Junior League. 

The double standard seems to come in to play because people don't like Kate's personality.  Listen, I could never imagine being pals with her if that's how she is in person.  But just because I don't want to hang out with someone doesn't mean they are the Wicked Witch of the West. 

I have seen my fair share of Kate and family shows.  All of the early specials and episodes.  It is well documented that Kate is a big couponer.  Featured on many episodes and specials.  And even if she wasn't, who the heck cares? 

Coupon bloggers are all up in arms that Kate Gosselin has a new part time gig blogging about coupons.  Like it's going to personally affect their lives.  Or harm them somehow.  It's a dang blog.  If you don't like her, just don't read it.  That's what I do with all of the Real Housewives of Namethatcity shows.  They bother me. are you sitting down because this is revolutionary...I just don't watch.  I know.  You're impressed.

Among other spins on the news, I've read comments irrationally fearing that her presence in the coupon blog world is going change store coupon policies.

Ridiculous.  Coupon policies are constantly changing.  Long before TV shows and long after them.  And here in the Albany area, they have absolutely improved.  Price Chopper now has double coupons!  Target will take more than one of a like Target store coupon in a transactions!  Shop Rite came to town (I've yet to go though)!  Hannaford and Price Chopper are offering better store coupons each week that often result in free items!!

Yes, more people are attempting to join the extreme coupon world.  But it has a heck of a lot more to do with a decade of a miserable economy than a cable TV show.  A 10 year recession is a fine motivation to learn to stretch your pennies.  The popularity of Susie Orman and Dave Ramsey are also contributors to Americans becoming interested in saving money.  People want to be more responsible.  As My Martha would say, it's a good thing.

But Kate Gosselin and a reality shows on cable are not what drive folks to use coupons.  They are entertainment.  To think otherwise is to also think that Snookie and any of the Real Housewives of NJ represent Italian Americans.  Which is absurd. 

The funny thing to me, which might just make a few enemies by saying as much, is that every single person I've read who is up in arms about Kate also has ads on her blog.  Meaning you are making money from your blog/website.  Many also do appearances, teach classes, have Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and more.  Pot, kettle, black, y'all.

Just like losing weight or learning a second language, couponing takes a lot of time and dedication.  No one watches The Biggest Loser and suddenly becomes a weight loss success story.  It requires research, trial and error, learning, good days and bad days, motivation, motivation, hard work and motivation. 

So the bottom line is that if you don't like Kate, just don't watch/read/whatever.  It's a blog, not the Bible.  Simmer down.  Have a glass of free whateversinthepantry.  And don't get hysterical because some mom in PA is going to be a very part time blogger.  I don't think the world of couponing is coming to an end.  Who knows, she might even be good at this job. 

And that's all I have to say about that.

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The Pun-isher said...

Ha! This is genius. I love your rantings. I stumbled into this by mistake in a last ditch effort to google search to find your blog, since I'm on a different computer. Very insightful!! Thank you for the fun read and a good laugh.