Thursday, November 24, 2011

FREE Turkey Stock

So first, when I had a down hour, I ran over to my favorite CVS (read: not the one closest to me) to pick up as many free deals as I could.  They didn't have everything (out of Finish, Benefiber and Theraflu) but it was still a great haul.  I'll get photos up by tomorrow morning. 

But while there, I met the BEST cashier ever.  So I am forever ranting that this CVS is the best of all drug stores.  But today took the cake.  Not only was my cashier super nice and super sweet about me using coupons, but she also uses coupons!  We could have stood there talking coupons for an hour if I didn't need to get back to my turkey.  How fun!  I really hope we can chat again because I think we each have very different insight regarding sales and such.

OK but back to the turkey.  Or specifically turkey stock.  Don't throw those bones away after you have picked it clean of meat.  Set them aside alone with any uncooked veggies you have too.  I only had a big bag of celery (from Price Chopper's BOGO free sale) so that's exactly what went in my pot.  All of the bones from the turkey, giblets if you didn't accidentally throw them away like I did, all of the celery- including leaves (which have the most flavor by the way- never ever throw those out!) cut in large chunks (or onion and carrots too), salt, pepper and as much water as you can fit.  I used a GIANT pot.  The pot I use for water bath canning.  Having stock on hand makes such a difference in quick meal prep, not to mention the great flavor.

Then just bring the water to a low simmer and let it go for as long as you have.  An hour or two if you have the time.  Don't boil- just a low simmer.  Low and slow, baby.  To get ever bit of yummy, rich flavor out of those turkey (or chicken) bones.  When you make it yourself, it's gluten free, dairy free and possibly even organic.  For next to nothing out of pocket.

Then strain the liquid to remove all the bits of bone, fat, veg, etc.  Portion into plastic containers and freeze until needed.  Practically free and incredibly yummy turkey broth.  To use instead of water when making rice, in soups and stews and chowders, to baste meats, drink from a mug when sick, and any other way you can think of to use stock.

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