Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wasting My Money At Rite Aid...To Avoid Losing +Up Rewards

I had $18 in +up Rewards that needed to be used this week at Rite Aid.  However there wasn't a single deal that I wanted (or found).  As I am going out of town, I had to just find something to spend them on.  I don't like it when this happens because it feels like such a waste.  But such is life.  I don't want them to expire.  And I was out of time to figure out any other game plan.

I did have a $2 Garnier coupon and a $0.50/2 Snickers coupon.  The rest, pure +up Rewards.

Total value purchased ... $22.45
Paid out of pocket ... $0.77
Percentage saved ... 97%
Earned ... not a darn thing other than not wasting precious store funny money.

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