Friday, November 4, 2011

It Pays To Pay Attention : My Story About FREE Bread

A few weeks ago I was shopping at Price Chopper.  As I was leaving on that dark, cold, rainy evening, I happened to look down in the parking lot.  To spot a little coupon sheet with three or four coupons.  I picked it up and after loading up my car and drying off a little, I looked at the wet, wrinkled coupons.  To find that one of them was for a FREE package of King's Hawaiian roles, up to $2.99.

Then this week in a different Price Chopper, I glanced over towards the hot, prepared foods (a section I never shop in).  And what did I spy with my little eye?  A sign and display for Buy One Get One Free King's Hawaiian rolls. 

So because I kept my peeper open at two different Price Chopper markets, I scored two packages of rolls (given to a non GFer) for totally FREE!  No clipping, no researching deals.  Just pure good luck for paying attention.

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Erin said...

Awesome :-)
I had been looking for the Hawaiian Rolls at PC to and had thought mine just didn't carry them - I'll have to check by the prepared food section, thanks!