Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Target Deals

You know how sometimes you score with a dream cashier?  Well this is the opposite of that.  I picked the WRONG cashier at Target last night.  However, I kept my cool (on the outside anyway- sweating like a piggy on the inside of course) and stood my ground.  And walked away with all of this for just pennies.

Purchased ...

TGI Friday's Entree for One  sale $1.99
- $1/1 Target print coupon
- and $1/1 TGI Friday's Entree for One 10/23 SS

NYC Nail Polish  $0.97
- $1/1 NYC Color Cosmetics Item Target print coupon

Johnson & Johnson Travel First Aid Kit  $0.99
- $1/1 Johnson & Johnson coupon

Aveeno Travel Size Lotion
- $1/1 Aveeno Any Size Lotion coupon

This transaction was a pain for two reasons.  First the cashier.  Bless her heart, she meant well.  Interpret that as you will.  The second was that I was foolish not to put a pack of gum or candy (as I did last night at Rite Aid with the Reese's) on the belt too to absorb the overage.  Cashiers like to accuse you of wrong-doing when it comes to them needing to mark down coupons. 

But in the end, I got all of that for FREE.  Just paid $0.14 in tax.   So it worked out.  Albeit a lengthy process that made me feel rather low, thanks to an unfortunate cashier.

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