Friday, November 25, 2011

CVS Thanksgiving/Black Friday Haul

OK I am not giving you my break down because while I am pleased with my shopping trip, I could have been much better.  I went in with two possible lists.  One was a three transaction list and the other was a four transaction list.  However, my store, while completely awesome, was already out of several items.  And once there, I decided not to buy any more deodorant and toothpaste.  Because I really just do not need more. 

So my original play lists were all wonky.  I stood in a quiet aisle and re-worked things.  Because I had a turkey in the oven so I had to get this all wrapped up.

Instead of listing what I did, I will just tell you that I did this in two transactions.  I should have done three to lower my out of pocket costs.  I also started out with $11 ECB from previous weeks.

So for everything above, I paid out of pocket (before tax) $7.36.  And earned (as in not yet spent- I did roll all of my ECB's from transaction #1 into #2) $28.87 ECB's that don't expire until 12/24!  So in theory (because I don't actually think this way but I know most do), I made a profit of more than $21!  I basically paid for the nail polish kit and got everything else for FREE!

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