Thursday, November 10, 2011

Merry Christmas To Me

So a few weeks ago I finally got up the nerve to wear the skinny jeans that I've owned for nearly a year now.  Purchased for @ $4 at Target after sales and coupon, thankyouverymuch.  That's about my max to spend on anything trendy for fear I may never wear it more than once. 

Well I am shocked....truly Shocked! tell you that I LOVE them!  Why did no one tell me that they were so stinkin' comfortable and cute?!  Holy cow bell, y'all!  I'm now a woman obsessed.  So far I've only worn them with ballet flats and wellies but I just know they are going to be a dream in normal boots too this winter.  Yay for fun new wardrobe discoveries!

Now on a mission to find more skinnies, I found this incredible deal at Land's End Canvas.  I think Land's End has really made great improvements in the last few years.  I used to think of them as boat totes and fuddy duddy clothes.  But now they are more like a New England version of Talbots (I swear that all makes sense in my head).  And their quality is top notch too.

So with Daddy-o's credit card in hand, I scored this fantastic deal as a Christmas prezzie for myself.  I buy it, send it to him and he wraps it.  I act surprised and we are all happy little elves on Christmas morning.  It's a good system.

* Go through to earn 8% cash back.  All you have to do is click the link and sign up.  Easy peasy.
* Click "Shop Now" which takes you directly to Land's End.
* Then click on the link to "Land's End Canvas" on the top right- this will only work on the Land's End Canvas site.  (you can also skip the ShopAtHome site and go directly to Land's End Canvas)
* Find jeans or cords (or anything but I bought one pair of skinny jeans and one pair of skinny cords) on sale for $16.99 (down from $59.50 originally) and add them to your cart.
* Begin the check-out process.
* In the section where it asks for a credit card, towards the bottom right it has a place to enter a promotional code.  BEFORE entering your credit card info, click that promo code button.  Enter code : DISCOVERLE and PIN # 6702.
* This will bring your final cost of a single pair of pants to just $12.47 (+ tax) and also give you FREE SHIPPING (magic words to my ears this time of year!), PLUS 8% cash back too!
* For my two pairs that you see above, plus tax, they were just $26.50 shipped! 

I bought the two pairs you see above and can't wait to start wearing them after Christmas.  I did exactly as I stated above and had zero problems.  I will say that you should always read reviews.  It appears that some pants run small, short, tall, etc.  So read reviews (right under the item you are looking at) to figure out your sizing.  Based on the reviews, I decided to order one size up in the jeans.  Here's hoping they all fit well!

Thanks Hip2Save!

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