Wednesday, November 9, 2011

CVS...Finally Found A Great Money Maker!

**This was scheduled to post a week ago but didn't for some unknown reason.  So this was a deal last week.

I am headed out of town and needed to use up $5 ECB that expired today.  But like Rite Aid, there was just nothing I wanted/needed/even liked. 

Until I found out that the Aveeno lotion deal would work on the travel size.  But two, earn a $7 ECB!  Perfection!

I also never thought to use my father's card too.  Duh!  I won't do it often as it means I have to keep track of more stuff.  But I did it today to get the free Illi coffee and the Aveeno money maker.  So that's why you see two coffee cans and four lotions.  The milk was to use up the rest of that ECB. 

Total value purchased ... $13.93
Paid out of pocket ... $2.97
Earned ... $14 ECB

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