Wednesday, November 9, 2011

FREE And An Explanation

First...I am sorry to have been absent.  It's going to continue though for another week or more.  I was out of town last week/end for a conference.  I've been back for a few very hectic days.  And I'm about to head back out of town for a full week.  This time, purely for pleasure though.  Yay!

I will try to schedule a few posts but the truth is, I am very overwhelmed at the moment.  I know y'all understand what that is like.  So the blog might be sparse for the next 10 days.

BUT...I absolutely promise that things will get back to ship shape and far better when I get back.  I have big plans to be better about this blog, linking to our favorite coupons, and remembering to photograph my grocery deals. 

So please hang with me. 

Until then, head over to Bruggers today as they are giving away free cups of coffee to everyone.  Until 2PM.  I could use a vat of coffee right about now so this is perfect timing. 

Thanks for being such sweet couponaholic blog buddies and for understanding.  Again...I promise....when I am back in town I will be re-vamping this blog.  Better blogging ahead.  But not for another 10 days at least.  Florida sunshine is calling my name....

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