Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Amazing Deal On Groceries...Including GLUTEN FREE

Y'all, I find myself buying more and more online.  Especially when it comes to gluten free products.  There are just so many more options available to me in online stores. 

I just found this fantastic website last night and am already in love.  If you follow this link to sign up, they will email you a coupon code for $10.  I bought $10.32 worth of products that were just $0.32 after the coupon!!  After shipping it was a little more than $5.  For several normally pricey gluten free items. 

These are hands down my favorite pretzels and they are GLUTEN FREE to boot!

But they have much more than gluten free food products.  They have all sorts of things from dairy and egg free to organic to gourmet to baby foods to snacks to everyday favorites. 

And the best part is that you don't even need to get out of bed!  Not that I ordered from bed.  OK...I totally did.   

It's totally free to sign up.  Just click the link, put $10 worth of products in your cart, check your email to find the $10 coupon code, and relax knowing fun products are coming your way with little effort and even better, little funds.  If you are still thinking about Christmas, think about having some easy favorites (pastas, nuts, Lara Bars, etc) on hand.  Or make up a yummy food gift basket for a best friend or a family gift exchange.

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