Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Better Than Free At Walmart...But For A Price

I picked this up on Sunday evening but am just getting around to posting now.  You see, I lost those $6/2 Schick coupons a long time ago.  So not like me.  But I found them on Sunday morning- the day they were to expire.  So I ran over to Walmart and picked up what you see above.  I also used the FREE Dr. Pepper 10 coupons. 

Which made this transaction a money maker for me. 


Oh there is always a but at Walmart.

The cashier.

Always the cashier.

She said I shouldn't be allowed to use the coupons because it would make my total so low.  I replied, cheerfully and with confidence, that it would actually make it a money maker and she would owe me cash.  I referred to their coupon policy.

She said she had to ask someone.  OK, I said cheerfully, knowing I was 100% following the Walmart Coupon Policy. 

But she just stood there.  Like a bump on a log.  For at least five minutes.  When the store was fairly empty so there was no reason she couldn't ask for a manager.  Just stood there.

Finally I asked what the hold up was and she said she had to ask a manager because she knew I couldn't use these coupons.  I again said OK.  So she again stood there.  Didn't pick up her phone.  Didn't motion to a single person.  Didn't make her number sign blink (they do that at Target- not sure if they do it too at Walmart).  Just stood there.  Motionless.  Except when she would stare at the coupons.

Again, after about five minutes I asked what was going on.  So she left her station to go stand in the customer service line.  Behind like 10 other people.  Five or more minutes later, never reaching the customer service desk (I had a full view of this strange move), she returned showing me that the coupon states one coupon per purchase.  I said yes, purchase.  Items purchased.  I was purchasing four items.  The word purchase does not mean transaction. 

She walked away.  Ticked off at me.

So then she went and stood in the manager office.  I could see her but not the manager.  But she was there for over five minutes.  Are you adding up the time so far? 

Finally she came back, disgruntled that she was likely told I was completely in the right, and put it through, grumbling under her breath. 

Finally, the cashier next door asked if she needed help.  And lo and behold, without the help of a single person, it all worked just fine. 

Seriously!  I stood there for more than 20 minutes because this girl was likely never trained.  In anything.  From the store coupon policy to how to act with a general polite attitude.

In then end she handed me @ $3.  Which was the only reason I went to Walmart in the first place.  Because I knew I would make a few bucks. 

Sadly, this is one of my better Walmart stories. 


The Pun-isher said...

She really made you work for your money! Great deal though. It amazes me, how things like common curtsy need training.

Carol D'Souza said...

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