Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Breathe Right And Chips

Well this has been both a busy and deal strike out week for me.  Trying to not dwell on the deals I am missing.  But sort of bummed as I went out to try and snag them on Sunday and they still remain elusive. 

I popped in Rite-Aid again to see if they had any of the Tylenol Precise patches left.  Nope.  Sniff.  I don't actually need them (they would have been donated) but with the $5 off coupons they would be FREE.  And as I have five of those print coupons, I would have qualified for the $5 +up RR. 

I did get two boxes of the Breathe Right strips.  The coupon states one coupon per customer so I did two transactions- the second was simply one box of the strips.  And was totally FREE.  The first order, she rang the coupon up at the max price listed of $5.99.  So when I handed her my last coupon, the $2/2 Lays chips, she wasn't able to use it.  Which is fine but it certainly confused me a bit until I got in the car and looked at my receipt.

(2) Breathe Right strips 10 count  reg. $5.49, sale $3.99
(1) Sierra Mist Natural soda  reg. $1.89
(2) Lays Kettle Chips  reg. $3.49, sale $2.79

(2) $1 +up RR
(1) Free Sierra Mist Natural soda wyb two Lays chips coupon
(2) Free Breathe Right strips up to $5.99

Total value purchased ... $20.78
Paid out of pocket ... $0.78
Percentage saved ... 96%
Earned ... (2) $1 +up RR from the Breathe Right

So not earth shattering by any stretch.  I won't even keep the Breathe Right strips.  Straight to donate box.  I only bought them because they were a money maker.  And I've never tasted Sierra Mist but I'm sure it's like Sprite and will be tasty on a hot summer day.  The chips though, are my downfall in life.  My favorite.  I'm beyond well stocked now. 

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