Tuesday, May 3, 2011

FREE Clean & Clear Bodywash At Walgreens Next Week!

Starting this Sunday May (OMG how is it May already??) 08, Walgreens will have a great Buy One Get One FREE sale on Clean & Clear body wash.  Plus...you should have a BOGO Clean & Clear body wash coupon from the 3/27 SS insert.  Which means you can buy TWO and pay only tax!!

I've seen lots of confusion lately on BOGO sales and coupons.  So let me share what I do know for sure.

Coupon policies are our friends! 

When I first started couponing, I read blogs that said as much over and over and nodded my head and then did not a darn thing about it.  Until a particular Walgreens manager refused to follow the policy.  Then I started printing off each store policy and adding it to my big coupon binder.  It's always with me.  I can reference it if I have a question.  And I can reference it if a manager tries to not follow it.  And I can reference it (this is when I ref it most often) when a cashier is unfamiliar with a store policy because they were never trained on the details.  It is worth every last drop of ink (and you can totally print these in draft too) to have that security blanket with you at all times!

To a store, manufacturer coupons are like cash.  Not all cashiers realize this.  But every valid coupon has a remit address and also notes that the store will be reimbursed for the face value AND shipping and handling.  A good store manager should welcome coupons as they are a win-win for both stores and customers.

So when a store runs a BOGO Free sale, you can (unless otherwise noted in a store's coupon policy) also use a BOGO Free coupon.  The store is giving one to you for free.  And the coupon is your cash tender to pay for the second item.  To you, it's a piece of paper that you clipped from the Sunday paper.  But to the store, it's sort of like a check.  They will cash it in for $$. 

So you are not stealing!  Never let a store tell you otherwise.  I've so been there and I know it's demoralizing.  But that's why you have your printed coupon policies.  They are your backbone in this coupon game.

Oh and you still have to pay tax on the PRE-COUPON PRICE.  So if a non-food item is on regularly $7 but on sale for $5, you will pay tax on the store's sale price of $5.  If you have a coupon for $5/1 and you live here in NY, your tax will be $0.40.  So while yes, I am claiming that the body wash will be FREE, it's not exactly free as you will still have to pay tax on the pre-coupon price.  So if it's not an item you actually need/use/like, free isn't always worth it.  But in the case of body wash, something I love and seem to go through quickly, just tax is as good as it gets!

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