Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Did Just OK At Walgreens...

I went to Walgreens with a plan.  Then based on what was in stock and what I really wanted/needed, I changed my plan.  About six times.  I was in there for what felt like forever.  Thankfully I was pretty much the only person in there most of the time.  I never shop on Sundays because 1) I am rarely together enough to get out to shop and 2) I figured the stores would be swamped.  But both stores were empty today.  Perhaps I should shop on Sundays more often!

I made some mistakes too.  I thought I had it all organized but then I got flustered and mixed up at the register.  Usually I am a cool cucumber (on the outside anyway) but today for whatever reason, I was a hot mess.  This was not my best shopping experience but I am now fully stocked on all of these items.  Also, this is my favorite brand of toilet paper but not my favorite size.  I prefer, given an option, the triple rolls.  But when you coupon, you get the best deal possible.  And this was definitely the best deal today.

In addition, please note the Gillette shaving kits.  They regularly sell for $12.99, are on sale for $9.89.  After coupons and earned RR's, they come to just $0.89!  (That's factoring in earned Register Rewards mind you- which I can do in this case as I was able to pay with previously earned RR's.)  They are the same price as just the razors but the kits include: 1 razor, 1 extra razor blade, 1 battery, 1 shave gel, 1 cooling lotion and 1 thermal scrub.  My legs don't know the difference between a men's or women's razor or shave gel, by the way. 

Lastly, note that the Noxzema razors are a Money Maker!  They are on sale for $3.99 and produce a $3 Register Reward.  If you use the $2/1 coupon, before tax but after the Reward is turns into a $1.01 Money Maker. 

So I did this in three transactions to reduce my out of pocket expenses...

Transaction #1:
(1) Gillette Fusion ProGlide kit  reg. $12.99, sale $9.89
(1) Noxzema Razor 4 pk.  reg. $??, sale $3.99
(1) Eez-Thru Flossers 90 ct.  reg. $2
(2) Caramel candy reg. $0.39 **filler but I didn't need them- this is where I went from organized to totally flustered and unorganized and when the store went from empty to full...all in that one moment.**

-$4 Register Reward from last week
-(1) $4/1 Gillette manu from 05/01 PG
-(1) $2/1 Noxzema Razor manu Q or from 05/01 RP (my papers sadly did not get this coupon)

Paid out of pocket ... $7.99
Earned ... $5 RR (Gillette), $3 RR (Noxzema), $2 RR (Eez-Thru)

Transaction #2:
(2) Cottonelle Large 12 rolls  reg. $??, sale $5
(1) Head & Shoulders Shampoo  reg. $??, sale 2/$8
(1) Head & Shoulders Conditioner  reg. $??, sale 2/$8
(1) Caramel candy  reg. $0.39  **filler**

-$5 RR from Gillette in Trans #1
-$3 RR from Noxzema in Trans #1
-(2) $0.50/1 Cottonelle manu Q
-(2) $1/1 Cottonelle from Walgreens May Coupon Book (in store and does not count against coupon ratio for order)
-(1) Buy One Get One FREE H&S Shampoo and Conditioner manu Q

Paid out of pocket ... $4.22
Earned ... $3 RR (Cottonelle), $2 RR (H&S)

Transaction #3:
(1) Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor kit  reg.  $12.99, sale $9.89
(2) Caramel candy  reg. $0.39  **fillers**

-$3 RR from Cottonelle in Trans #2
-$2 RR from H&S in Trans #2
-$4/1 Gillette manu Q from 05/01 PG

Paid out of pocket ... $2.52
Earned ... $5 RR (Gillette)

Total value purchased ... $55.91
Paid out of pocket ... $14.73
Percentage saved ... 74%
Earned and still unused ... $7 Register Rewards

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