Sunday, May 8, 2011

Good Mail

This is my collection of freebies that have come in the mail over the last week or two.  Actually, the photo is missing at least one things of deodorant that I know of.  But you get the idea.  My mailbox is frequently full of surseys. 

I was shocked to see those two big containers of Enfamil baby formula.  Or excuse me, newborn formula as the label states.  Plus four $4/1 coupons. 

Lots of coupons for the Breve Creme, including one coupon for a FREE pint. 

That Worx energy stuff- which sounds gross and went right into the donate box- and a $1/1 coupon. 

Two sets of the Tide/Bounce/Downy/Fabreze coupons. 

A $6.95 and a $15.95 coupon for Gerber formula. 

A coupon for a free bottle of Suave Professionals of my choice (I will save it as long as possible in hopes of finding a buy one get one free sale).

Dove Men + Care deodorant travel size (not pictured).

Kirkland Signature shampoo and conditioner sample.

Shout Color Catcher.

Pledge Soft Microfiber Dust Cloth.

Travel size Huggies wipes (I use these to remove my make-up nightly so I actually LOVE a good deal or freebie of baby wipes even though I am sans babies.).

Vitamin D sample.

Soooo Sweet (sweetener) sample.

OK so that Breve Creme had hands down the most elaborate freebie packaging ever.  It all came in this to go cup.  Like it was plastic-wrapped and had a label on it.  That's how it arrived in my mailbox.  Proof you really can send anything through the USPS.  Ha.  I saved the cup and will actually use it one day as a coffee travel cup.  I see no need to waste a perfectly good product. 

So inside the cup, they spent big buckaroos too.  All sorts of paper things.  I'm not sure if the photo shows it well but the cup had an insert to look like there was actually a latte in the cup.  And that stand up clock thing has moving clock hands.  A heck of a lot of money invested in something totally pointless.  Plus a coupon for a free pint and five $0.55/1 coupons.  I was both shocked at the $$$ the company spent and impressed with the presentation.  As a self-professed sucker for packaging, I was fascinated!

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Kelly said...

Great mail haul!
Found you from Frugality is Free!