Monday, May 2, 2011

I Rocked My Pink Socks At Rite-Aid!!

While I was a frazzled mess at Walgreens, I was a coupon rock star at Rite Aid on Sunday!  I get such a strange high after a transaction like this one.  Yeah for me!

Side note: I don't actually like the Butterfinger candies.  But I needed to spend more before coupons to use my $3/$15 survey coupon.  After coupons, they were absolutely FREE.  Also, I did a price check because the Red Vines were not marked and there were two sizes- the large that's shown and one about 1/3 of the size.  Both were the same sale price of 2/$3. 

(2) Ocean Spray Craisins  reg. $2.99, sale $1.99
(4) Butterfingers Snackers  reg. $0.99, sale $0.50
(2) Red Vines  reg. $2.45, sale $1.50
(1) Revlon Blackhead Remover  reg. $4.99, sale $2.99
(3) Revlon Expert Nail Shapers  reg. $2.45, sale $1.47

-$3/$15 survey coupon
-$10 +Up Rewards from Nieva last week
-(2) $1/2 Butterfinger Snackers Q

Total value purchased ... $28.16
Paid out of pocket ... $2.19
Percentage saved ... 92.3%

Earned ... $13
(1) $3/$15 survey coupon
(2) $4 +Up Reward from buying two Revlon Beauty Tools
(2) $1 +Up Reward from Red Vines

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Jayna Rae said...

My goodness. I wanna be a rock star. My first coupons came yesterday, and I made my lists and it still looks like I will spend about $15 at Rite Aid this week, but it is a move in the right direction.