Friday, May 13, 2011

FREE At Price Chopper

Once again, I didn't think to take a photo of my Price Chopper trip.  I never think about a photo op when I am scurrying about to put things away.

But I wanted to note that the Better Oats are on sale for just $1 this week.  A while ago I printed off two $1/1 coupons in hopes of finding them on sale.  So they were totally FREE tonight.

Also, the rice is further proof that it's fun to sign up for freebies.  I received two coupons for FREE bags of Uncle Bens rice in the mail last week.  And I totally need rice too.  Score.

One will be eaten Monday when I also cook up the four (purchased in two separate transactions) yummy shrimp skewers.  PChop is really getting much better with their store coupons.  Now if only we could be worthy of daily double coupons like the other regions of NY...

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