Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When Friends Meet...

I popped into Walgreens for the third time this week to see if they by chance had more of the Clean and Clear body wash.  They sadly did not.  I got a rain check but seeing as how the coupon expires this Sunday, it doesn't look good.  Win some, lose some, right?

But the BEST moment happened, even though I didn't get any free body wash.  As I was waiting in line to get a rain check, the woman in front of me revealed herself to be a kindred spirit.  A coupon cousin.  A saves a lot sister.

She.  Had.  A.  Coupon.  Binder.  Too!

We both got so tickled and talked up our love of couponing.  We were so excited that a guy who was there with some contest from the Times Union was asking all sorts of questions regarding how we got things for free (I of course used the elusive Clean and Clear example.)  I don't think I really explained it all well in the two minutes we spoke.  But he was fascinated nonetheless. 

My only regret is that I didn't exchange information with my newly discovered coupon cousin.  I didn't tell her about my blog or offer up my email address.

So on the off chance my new sweet pal who has a rock star coupon binder that I met in line at Walgreens today is reading this...  It's me, KK.  Who had the pink bag and two coupon binders.  I am always hoping to meet local shoppers.  Please drop me a line, my cheerful friend!

I've received lots of judging glares, several rude comments, and exactly one compliment on my coupon binder system.  But this was the very first time I ran into a fellow shopper doing the same thing.  Sort of a big (and redeeming) moment for me!

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