Saturday, May 14, 2011

Getting Outside Of My Bubble

I tend to go to the same stores.  I like familiarity.  I like not having to circle the aisles 35 times to find one item.  I get myself a little comfort zone and snuggle in good.

But tonight, for whatever reason, I decided to try going to a different Rite-Aid in hopes of finding the elusive Tylenol Heat Patches.  But like everyone else, they were out.  The thing was that I had $15 in +up RR's that were expiring so I had to buy something in Rite-Aid anyway. 

When I am left with +up Rewards that are but hours away from expiring, and there are no other rolling reward deals that I want/need, I try to use them on things that either rarely go on sale or are just for fun.  You know, using the rewards as a reward.

So here's what I purchased at Rite-Aid #1:

(1) Oxy acne kit  reg. $12.99, sale $7.99
(1) gallon skim milk  reg. $2.69
(1) Starbuck's Frap  reg $2.69, sale $2
(1) Ocean Spray Craisins  reg. $2.99
(1) dozen eggs  reg. $1.79
(2) Lays Kettle chips  reg. $3.49, sale $2.79
(2) Sierra Mist Natural 2L  reg. $1.89, sale $1.50

-(1) $3/$15 survey coupon (LOVE these!)
-(1) $1/1 Oxy peelie **
-(1) $2/2 Lays chips coupon
-(2) FREE Sierra Mist Natural wyb Lays chips
-(1) $1.50/1 Oxy coupon (mailed to me w/ a sample a while ago)
- $15 +up Register Rewards

Total value purchased ... $33.16
Paid out of pocket ... $0.88
Percentage saved ... 97%

Earned ... Not a thing but the peace that I didn't waste any +up RR's!

** OK so there was a peelie coupon on the Oxy box.  I saw it but knew I had a higher value coupon so I figured I would keep it for later use.  While I was putting the soda bag in my cart to help clear the counter, the sales gal peeled it and scanned it.  I said I had another coupon and she thought it would be OK.  It was.  But I still suspect that was not supposed to happen.  But it all happened in a flash and she was firm it it all working so I let it go.  But I still feel odd about the whole matter.  I never actually looked at the coupon though so I guess maybe it was a RA coupon?  I sort of don't think it was...

But my bonnet was still bee happy and I decided to try going to another Price Chopper to see if they had any Freihofer's bread left (they have been out at my regular store).  It's the only bread my father likes and really who can blame him.  Their Oat Nut bread is crazy good.  This week it was Buy One, Get TWO FREE.  Don't worry, I do have a rain check.  But I had some time and it was worth looking.

Well as I pulled in, I noticed that there is a Rite-Aid right next door.  I had to at least peek to see if they had any of the Tylenol left.  THEY DID!!  About ten boxes.  So I grabbed five and headed toward the check out counter.

(2) Tylenol Precise Heat Cream  reg. $7.99, sale $5
(3) Tylenol Precise Heat Patch  reg. $7.99, sale $5

-(5) $5/1 Tylenol Precise coupons

Total value purchased ... $25
Paid out of pocket ... $0
Percentage saved ... 100%

Earned ... $10 +up Reward!!

I had my wallet out as I assumed I would need to pay tax but they said I didn't.  Once again I am not convinced of this but it's hard to argue to that I need to pay more.

So in total for every single thing you see in the above two photos, I paid $0.88 and earned a $10 +up RR!  Even more rewarding is realizing that all of the Tylenol will be donated and everything else is actually needed in my home.  I didn't buy to store away.  I bought to use right now.  Don't get me wrong, storing away is great.  I clearly love it.  But it feels extra great to spend next to nothing on things I need right now!

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Jayna Rae said...

What an amazingly wonderful day. I love that you got the RR on top of it all. I think that you need to frequent these helpful Rite Aids more often. My Rite Aid girl is quite lovely. She did the same thing with a peely for me a few weeks back. It was on a carton of Thrifty's Ice Cream that I was purchasing. It was a California Milk coupon.