Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Long Checkout

At Walgreens, of course.

Oh the beeping that happens when a coupon is a penny more than the register value!  We all know it and dread it.  And no matter how many times I explain to both the sweet register girl and the manager how to fix the problem (just mark it down a penny), it is forever a fiasco.  Oh the problems of a couponer!

I did this in SEVEN transactions.  Why?  Because I am insane.  But also because the Icy Hot is on sale for $0.99/each.  And produce a lovely $0.99 Register Reward.  I had six $1/1 coupons.  Making them FREE *plus* a $0.99 MONEY MAKER.  But like all things at Wags, they are limit (1).  And if you use the Icy Hot RR to pay for another Icy Hot, it will not produce another RR.  So I had to purchase five of the six by themselves.  The deodorant is Buy One, Get One FREE this week and my store had a TON in stock.  In two locations too.  I only planned to buy two but since they had so much, I figured I'd go ahead and buy a bunch and then give away the excess.  As it is, on the way home I dropped off two at a friend's house who called me a few days ago asking for a deodorant deal.  So the photo is missing those two.  A few more are going to another friend tomorrow.  None of my girlfriends will stink this summer- ha!

Also, I realized that I bought one too many deodorants.  I knew my bill felt too high but at that point it was my last transaction and I wanted to not be the problem child any longer.  I didn't figure it out until just now.  So I will return one of the deodorants and my totals below will reflect it.

The Ecotrin was FREE so it's a donation.  I don't use aspirin but can't pass up FREE medicine for donations to my local food pantry.  I am forever struck by the realization that if someone can't afford food, they also can't afford such "luxuries" as feminine hygiene products, body wash or headache medicine.  I think I will donate the triple calcium too- not even sure what it is.  But it was a $5 MONEY MAKER so it came home with me!  Though not knowing exactly what it was meant that it took me forever and a day to find it on the bottom shelf in my store.  Also note that I didn't pay tax for several items.  I don't know why exactly but it had to do with all the trouble the manager had figuring out how to mark down a coupon one penny.  Sometimes you have to pick your battles and at that point there was no way for them to figure more out than what was actually being done.

Sadly, my store did not have any (I don't believe they even sell them) of the Ritz Crackerfuls.  Disappointing as my dad loves them and they are a $1 Money Maker today and tomorrow.  My store didn't have a few of the other things on my list but I'd say overall, I did pretty well.  I'm most excited about the only thing I really paid more than tax for- the Off Clip Ons!  I don't camp but there are definitely times when I am in the garden or at a backyard dinner when the bugs eat me and only me.  I think these- if they really work- are brilliant.  Now I have two! 

Purchased (in seven transactions)...
(1) Applied Nutrition Triple Calcium  reg. $?, sale $10
(2) Ecotrin  reg. $3.49?, sale $0.99 (in ad Q)
(2) Off Clip On Starter Kit  reg.?, sale $7.99
(6) Icy Hot Naturals  reg. $1.99, sale $0.99
(10) Dry Idea deodorant  reg. $4.49

-(1) $5/1 Applied Nutrition from Walgreens June coupon booklet
-(2) $1.50/1 Ecotrin Aspirin product 5/1 RP (marked down to $0.99/1)
-(1) BOGO FREE Off Clip On print coupon
-(1) $2/1 Off Clip On 5/22 SS
-(1) $1/1 Off product from Walgreens June coupon booklet (take off $2)
-(6) $1/1 Icy Hot (marked down to $0.99/1) 5/1 SS
-(5) BOGO FREE Dry Idea or Right Guard 5/1 RP
-(1) $5 RR from two weeks ago
-(5) $0.99 RR from first five individual Icy Hot purchases on last trans w/ no Icy Hot

Total value purchased ... $96.50
Paid out of pocket ... $3.53
Percentage saved ... 96.3%
Earned and not yet spent ... (1) $0.99 RR from Icy Hot and (1) $10 RR from Calcium

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I knew you were talking about Walgreens just by the title of your blog post today - lol