Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MORE Great Coupons

As I was putting away the Swiffer starter kit, I noticed that it says on the side that it includes $4 in coupons.  Being a coupon-aholic, I peeked inside to find $9 in coupons!  Score!  I'm not sure I am motivated to go back to Walgreens for a third time this week.  Honestly, it's pushing it for me to go there once in a week and by Monday afternoon I had already been twice.  But they are good until 12/31/11 so a fun surprise to hang on to.

That's something I have learned.  When it comes to coupons and sales, there will be another one.  It's OK if you miss one or many in a given week.  You can't win them all.  And it's not a big deal.  There will be another sale and more coupons in a few months.

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