Monday, May 2, 2011

FREE Coffee

Since getting all of those boxes of Taster's Choice a few weeks back at Walgreens because they were Money Makers, I have sort of a new love of instant coffee.  I never thought I would ever breathe those words, y'all!  But it's true.

Now I still won't dare try it hot (though I am not sure why not but I just won't).  But I am drinking it as I type this, ironically, as iced coffee.  I put a cup of tap water in a large glass/cup and add the packet (or two depending on size of cup) of instant coffee.  I let it sit for a moment while I get out flavored creamers and milk and ice.  It should be dissolved and stir nicely.  Add whatever you fancy.  Add ice and a straw.  Enjoy!

As much as I adore a fresh pot of hot coffee, these instant coffee things are actually, dare I say, better for iced coffee.  First, they are faster.  Second, you don't have to deal with scalding hot coffee and trying to get it to cool down and the ice cubes making it all watery. 

All that to say, click on the link to "like" Nescafe on Facebook and request your FREE sample.  Even if you are not as excited about my ice coffee "recipe" as I am, these are great samples for on the go travel, camping, donating to soldiers (who all deserve well more than a cup of coffee today!), adding to a desert or smoothie recipe and then some.

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