Sunday, January 8, 2012

Coke 12 Packs Just $2 At Price Chopper

I know everyone is jumping for joy at the great Poland Springs water bottle deal at Price Chopper this week.  And I agree, it's a good deal.  But I think NY state tap water is just fine, personally.  So I don't often buy bottled water.  And when you figure in the bottle tax, it's not such a great deal if you don't use it a lot.  Never forget to figure in tax!!

However, for me, the MEGA WINNER of a deal at Price Chopper this week is the Coca-Cola 12 pack deal!  With in ad coupon, they are on sale 3/$6 or just $2 each when you buy three!  That's an incredible deal!

So I plan to do this deal over several days to get a many many months supply stored away.  I am better in the winter but will fully admit that during summer months or stressful weeks (this coming week will be one of those) or tummy unhappiness (which is like every other week for my hyper sensitive tumtum), a Coke has the power to cure all ills. 

I know how to bring world peace.  Give cranky extremists an ice filled cup of American Diet Coke (y'all know that every country has it's own recipe right?  I assume by now everyone has visited the Coke Museum in Atlanta.  If you have not- such a fun thing to do.  You'd think Coke paid me.  I wish.  Just a loyal customer with a gift for gab.).  I'm pretty sure it has that much positive power.

So bottom line, the water deal is good if you use water bottles a lot.  But the Coke deal is great if you are OK with tap water in reusable cups and are looking to stock up on your liquid addiction.

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