Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rite Aid Deals Starting 01/08/12

This is not the full list of good deals this week.  It's just a list of things that stuck out in my mind as deals a few of us might want to take advantage of if you are running low on things. 

All prices listed are estimated.  I've found that prices can even vary from store to store in the same area.  There is one particular item I buy that is $3.99 at my regular Price Chopper and $4.29 my other PChop.  The stores are about 15 mins from each other!

*(4) Chex Mix  $1
-(1) $1/4 Rite Aid VV coupon
-(4) $0.60/1 Chex Mix (will need two computers)
= out of pocket $0.15/each when you buy (4)

*(2) OB Tampons, 18 ct, $2.50
-(1) $1/2 in ad coupon
-(2) $2/1 OB Tampons print coupon
= FREE when you buy (2)

*(1) Bengay Pain Relief  $5.49
-(1) $2/1 in ad coupon
-(1) $2/1 Bengay product 01/08 SS
= out of pocket $1.49

*(2) Stayfree Fem Pads 14-24 ct, $2.50
-(1) $1/2 in ad coupon
-(2) $1/1 Stayfree print coupon
= out of pocket $1/each when you buy (2)

*Thermacare  $3
= out of pocket $3
~earn $3 +up Reward

So that's what looked particularly interesting to me.  How 'bout y'all?  What's on your list this week?

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Christina said...

Halls are 2/$3 and you'll get a $1+UP wyb 2 plus if you use the $1/2 printable coupon on you'll get them for 50cents each :)