Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Only Got Four Inserts

Well I was going to pop on here and post what I planned to do this week with the various deals and steals.  However, in my FIVE newspapers, I only received four inserts.  (1) Walmart insert with diaper coupons, (1) Red Plum and (2) Smart Source.  And according to other blogs, I am two inserts short. 

I thought this was perhaps a Capital Region thing but it seems like it's perhaps just me? 

I also didn't get the $2.15 Finish coupon last week.  I didn't think to check until this afternoon when I finally had time to sit down.  The last few months (and the next week to come) have been sooo busy for me that I just took two minutes to look and I don't have it!  So sad.
I will have to let it go.  No CVS deal for me unless I find some from a neighbor. 

But I am so curious to know if anyone else was left out of the expected awesome coupons too?


Heather said...

It seems we only missed out on a McDonalds insert.. I purchase a few TU papers early edition on Saturday. In them I received the Walmart one, 1 rp and 3 ss. On Sundays I get home delivery of both TU and the Gazette. In the TU I got walmart, rp and 2 ss. It was missing the ss w/ box tops header on it. HTH :)

Coupon Crocodile said...

Thanks Heather! My waistline doesn't need McD's coupons anyway- ha. I wonder why the Sat papers had the extra SS insert though. So odd.

Christina said...

Ditto here in Boston. 1 that must be the Walmart one you mentioned, 1 RP and 2 SS BUT in my delivered paper I got 2 copies of the RP but that was just luck I guess because my 3 store copies only had 1 RP :( Did we miss out on a P&G and/or GM or something?