Sunday, January 8, 2012

CVS Deals Starting 01/08/12

This is not the full list of good deals this week.  It's just a list of things that stuck out in my mind as deals a few of us might want to take advantage of if you are running low on things. 

As noted below, I am rather huffy and puffy that my $2.15 Finish coupons did not come to me last week but I didn't notice until today.  I've been so crazy busy that I didn't even think to look until an hour ago!  Life goes on of course but it would have been nice to do the gift card deal on something I use all the time.  Love me some Finish tabs!

All prices listed are estimated.  I've found that prices can even vary from store to store in the same area.  There is one particular item I buy regularly that is $3.99 at my regular Price Chopper and $4.29 my other PChop.  The stores are about 15 mins from each other!

* Suave Deodorant  $1
- (1) $0.75/1 Suave Deodorant 01/08 RP
= out of pocket $0.25

* CVS Vitamin D 400iu 100 ct.  $3.99
= out of pocket $3.99
~earn $3.99 ECB (limit 1)

* Spend $15 on any Garnier products before coupons (excludes clearance items), earn $5 ECB

* Mars Chocolate Singles  $0.75
= out of pocket $0.75
~earn $0.75 ECB (limit 1)

* GE Energy Smart 1 pk.  $2.99
= out of pocket $2.99
~earn $2 ECB (limit 1)

* Kodak Archive DVD  $4.99
= out of pocket $4.99
~earn $4.99 ECB (limit 1)

* Spend $30 on participating products, earn $10 CVS Cash Card

Deal Idea 1:
*(6) Finish 20ct  2/$7
*(3) Coke 12 packs  3/$10 (must buy 3)
= $31
-(6) $2.15/1 Finish Quantum, Powerball or Gelpacks  01/01 SS (if you got them)
-(2) FREE Coke 12 pack from My Coke Rewards (if they get to me on time...not here yet)
= out of pocket $11.44 (plus tax- which is a lot for soda cans here)
~earn $10 CVS Cash Card (limit 5)

Deal Idea 2:
*(4) Rembrandt toothpaste or mouthwash  $3.99
*(4) Finish 20ct  2/$7
= $31.50
-(2) $5/2 Rembrandt print coupons
-(4) $2.15/1 Finish 01/01 SS (if you got them- lucky ducks)
= out of pocket $11.36
~earn $10 CVS Cash Card (limit 5)

There are LOTS of other products that qualify- check your insert.  These are just a few that were of interest to me. 

Also note that the Finish coupon (I've read- not actually seen in person of course.) states that you can only use two per transaction.  But I saw on other blogs that they had no problems using a bunch at one time.  So as always, your mileage may vary.  At worst, you will need to do only two Finish per transaction.  But CVS tracks your purchases so you can even go to multiple stores over multiple days and then earn the gift card once you've reached the limit. 

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