Sunday, January 8, 2012

Coupon Mystery

I know, I am very whiny today.  But Heather let me know that the papers she bought at the grocery store contained the third Smart Source (with the Box Top banner on top).  But that her Times Union papers didn't contain it.  And that none of her papers had the McDonald's insert. 

I was just given a paper purchased- so not a TU delivery like my others- and guess what?  Just as Heather explained to me, it did include the third SS insert and still did not contain the McDonald's insert.

I mean, just when I think I have figured out coupon inserts....I am reminded that I know very little.  Ha.  Always something, right? 

The third SS insert is mostly stuff I won't likely buy so it's no big love loss for me.  And my ever expanding waistline doesn't really need an excuse to frequent McDonalds.  So it's all OK in the end.  But still odd.

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