Friday, January 20, 2012

My Coupons Didn't Expire or The Best Feeling A Couponer Can Have.

Confession.  I have been sooo behind in organizing my coupons.  It happened to me this summer after being out of town a ton and then again in December when I was so super busy.  But what I thought was going to be a January of organization and accelerated couponing, has in reality been sort of a flop on my part.  Just keeping it real around here.  I've failed nearly all of my goals for this blog/my couponing progress. 

And that, my sweet couponaholic friends, is just life. 

But this week, despite being behind in three projects, I took action.  One is a huge work project that I needed to finish more than a week ago and has at least another week left on it.  But I knew for my sanity and bank account that I needed to tackle the coupon mountain that was growing each Sunday. 

So I organized.  Clipped.  Sorted.  Cleaned out old, expired coupons.  And inserted all my new coupons in my binders.

Do you hear the choirs of angels singing joyfully?  No?  Well trust me, the singing is there.  Even if just in my crazy head.  I am officially ORGANIZED!  And it feels spectacular.  Whew!

In this process, I realized that two coveted coupons for gluten free products (rare rare rare) were going to expire yesterday. 

The first (I only had one) was for a new to me product, $1.50/1 Van's gluten free waffles.  Not something I would typically purchase but sometimes you just need a treat.  I'll be back to let you know if they taste anything like Eggo.

The second (I had two) was for my favorite gluten free company ever.  $1/1 Udi's bread product.  The bagels were on sale this week for $5.59.  I used my doublers to get the four pack of bagels down to just $3.59.  Which is an awesome deal for Udi's!  If I were to have a top ten food list, it would absolutely include bagels.  I bet my top three list would too actually.  Udi's is not the same as a fresh Bruggers bagel. is the closest thing I have found in gluten free form.  They are really good and just make me joyful to have such a favorite ready to eat in the freezer.  It's the little things in life!

Even after coupons, these were not exactly cheap purchases, as far as extreme couponing goes.  And yet I still consider them to be awesome deals!  I have hope that with the continued popularity of couponing and consuming a gluten free diet, we will see more coupons for GF/celiac friendly products in the future. 

Isn't it just the best feeling to find those coveted super high value coupons and actually use them before they expire?!  Yay for me and my starchy stocked freezer!

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