Friday, January 6, 2012

Sent To Me For FREE

A week or so ago, Walmart reduced the price of some bath/beauty gift packs online.  The box for this gift pack claims it to be a $23 value.  Ouch!  That seem insane, but it's what the box says so I am just sticking with that.  I paid just $6.50.  Plus tax and shipping, my total came to $8.07.  Plus there is an offer in the box for a free subscription to Allure magazine.  OR....if you don't want the subscription to Allure (I don't- I get so many magazines already.), you can send in for a $9 rebate.  I am not sure yet if they will send me the price I paid or the full $9 (would be a $0.93 profit).  Either way, win win win for me. 

I love Olay products.  I need a new puffy thing.  And Venus razors are my absolute favorite.  Free is my favorite price.  And shipped directly to my house is my favorite way to shop.  Plus...just look at all the coupons that were inside the box too!  They don't expire until 12/12 so I just know I will be able to get some great deals this year with them.

Winner winner, chicken dinner, y'all!

Is it funny or sad that this amuses me so much?  Don't pretend you aren't equally joyful with little deals like this find their way into your homes too!


tigerchick said...

I got a similar deal. I was just as tickled with mine as you are with yours!

tigerchick said...

I was really thrilled with my deal like that, too. You are not alone!

Christina said...

I got this deal as well and already mailed in my rebate and i was just as excited as you lol. It's a fantastic product and free is always the best kind. Shipped to me? Icing!

Coupon Crocodile said...

So glad that I am not the only person overly excited about this! Yay for freebies!!