Thursday, January 12, 2012

Organic, Gluten Free and Whole Food Coupon

I get so defensive when people claim that one cannot eat healthy and use coupons.  That coupons are exclusively for processed and crappy foods.

First things first, we all have our own invisible lines.  What's crappy to you is not so to your friend.  And while I think organic is awesome, I personally feel very strongly that any vegetable (fresh, organic, canned, frozen) is better than no vegetable.  So if non-organic apples are on sale, they are what come home with me that week.  The way I see it, an apple is still better than a Snickers.  But others might feel strongly that any apple other than an organic apple from the farmer down the road is sacrilege.  See...wavy lines in the sand.

But that's not really my point.  Rather that there are in fact coupons to be found for favorite healthy products.  Including produce.

Pom frequently puts out coupons that can be used for both bottles of their Pom Wonderful juice and whole pommegranites found in the produce section.  Dole also puts out coupons for their salad greens.  There are produce coupons and they even appear in the Sunday coupon inserts.  You can also find great coupons for organic cheese, organic yogurt, organic, soy and almond milks too.

But I will admit that they are not seen as frequently as coupons for fruit rolls ups.  So there.  I admit you will find more coupons like that.  Oh that is if you are ONLY looking in the Sunday inserts.

My best advice is to look online for print coupons.  Every product has a company behind it.  Even apples and lettuce.  Look at the tag in the store to figure out the parent company.  Then go home and Swagbucks (it's the new and better google that pays you to search!) to find the website.  They won't always offer a coupon.  But I'd say more than 50% of the time they do offer some sort of coupon.  And you can usually print two/computer.

A few I found in a few minutes of searching to prove my point...

$1/1 Olivia's Organics

$1/1 Crunchmaster Gluten Free crackers

$1/1 Udi's products (my favorite Gluten Free bread)

$1/1 Better Oats

Horizon Organic Milk coupon

So the next time someone mocks you for using coupons and insists you only consume pizza rolls and lard filled cupcakes, send them my way.  I will set them straight in two shakes of a stick.  I've never had a pizza roll or a Twinkie ever.  And I use coupons.  True story.

If people are still not into coupons for healthy, wholesome foods, they can still use coupons on non-food items.  We all know that we can save mega bucks by using coupons for baby products, bath and beauty products and cleaning products.  For example, I no longer pay for make-up, toothpaste, lotion or toothbrushes.  Take that savings and buy those organic apples you've been hoping to taste.

But please for the love of savings, don't give up on coupons!

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