Saturday, January 21, 2012

Coupon Fairy Failure

So that's a great deal on Kleenex tissues and I wanted to use up my six coupons on the deal.  But as I was putting boxes in my cart, I decide to offer the deal with a coupon from my stack to this other woman standing next to me picking out a box of tissues for herself.  All excited to share, I explain that if she takes this coupon that I am handing her, it will make this box of tissues that I am also handing her just $0.25.  One little quarter!

I thought she would be excited.  She was clearly not brand loyal as she was looking at all the boxes and these are the fancy pants new tissues.  At a rock bottom price.

Well, here's how it played out...

Coupon Crocodile : Excuse me, but I have an extra coupon.  If you use this coupon to buy this box of tissues, it will double and make the box just twenty five cents!  These are the softest tissues too- you'll love them!

Lady in Price Chopper : What?

CC : Oh, I'm sorry.  Let me explain that if you give the cashier this coupon when checking out, it will make this box of tissues just a quarter.  Such a great deal.

LiPC : Well I don't know.  This box (points to another brand) used to have 180 tissues and now it only has 120 tissues but the price is the same. 

CC : Oh I know, prices keep going up.  (Thinking, duh!  That's just life!)  This box is only going to be $0.25 after the coupon though.

LiPC : Tissues used to come in such pretty boxes too but now they aren't as pretty.

CC : Oh, OK.  (still holding out the coupon but she is holding the tissues)

LiPC : I don't know if I should.  I better not.  I just don't know because this box used to have 180 and now it just has 120 and I can't decide.  I better not.  Here.  (hand me back the tissues)

CC : Are you sure?  With the coupon this box will just be $0.25?  I'm stocking up myself (it's the only thing in my cart really so that's obvious) because it's such a fantastic price. 

LiPC : Oh I better not.  I just can't decide.

And that is how I failed at being a coupon fairy this week.  You can't win them all I guess.  I tried.  Like obnoxiously hard.  But I couldn't convince this woman to use my coupon and save herself a lot of money.

So I used all six (in two transactions) myself and am not totally stocked up on tissues for the next 12 months at least. 

Have you tried these Kleenex Cool tissues?  OMG they are strange but great.  They really are cool to the touch which is awesome when you have a runny nose all winter long.

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Christina said...

HAHA sorry to laugh but that's a fantastic story - I can totally picture the woman being completely clueless and you standing there with your coupon mid-passing thinking "umm.. a quarter lady!". I've been there before, thinking I'm being all nice and helpful and they want nothing to do with me. I gave up and stuck to blog readers lol so props to you for trying! I LOVE the cool touch tissues as well and picked up a couple of boxes when I could get them for $1. Total jealous of your 25cents price, I definitely would've stocked up as well! We don't have a Price Chopper near me though :(