Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Rite Aid Wrong Made Right

Before my JL meeting the other night, I popped into Rite Aid to buy two items.  Well, really four items.  Two of each kind.  Semantics.

So here's what I planned on happening....

(2) Colgate Optic White Toothbrush  $3.49
-(2) $3/1 Colgate Optic White Toothbrush Rite Aid VV coupon
-(2) $0.75/1 Colgate Toothbrush 01/01 SS

(2) Centrum Pro Nutrients  $12.99, B1G1 50% off
-(2) $4/1 Centrum Pro Nutrients Rite Aid VV coupon
-(2) $5/1 Centrum Pro Nutrients 01/01 RP

Earn (1) $2 +up Reward from purchase of two Pro Nutrients and submit for (2) $2 Single Check Rebates from Pro Nutrients (ended 01/03- the night I was trying to do this transaction).

But here's what happened instead...

The check out girl, young but very sweet, said that I wasn't allowed to use the Rite Aid VV coupons with the manufacturer coupons because they RAVV coupons say "manufacturer" at the top.  Well, yes, they do.  But the Rite Aid coupon policy very clearly states that you are allowed to use one RA VV coupon plus one RA in store ad coupon plus one manufacturer coupon at the same time.  She was sweet and said she had to call her manager and I was sweet and said no problem.  I knew I was right and was totally fine waiting an extra minute.  Truly, not an issue.

So the manager comes over and at first was all, it's no problem.  But then, she got nasty.  She was telling me that Rite Aid changed their coupon policy on Jan 01 and pointed to a posted sign.  But the sign, while perhaps new, had nothing to do with the coupon policy.  As I was running in for two items, I didn't bring my coupon binders and therefor did not have coupon policies with me.  I asked to see theirs and they said they don't keep one in the store (this is the bazillionth time I have been told this, in every sort of store, by the way).  So because the coupons went through just fine for the toothbrushes, I asked to remove the vitamins.  But then they beeped because the coupons were of a higher value than the product. 

So this too is in the coupon policy.  And has happened to me dozens of times.  A cashier just marks down the coupon to the value of the product.  Easy peasy.  When I asked the manager to do this, she because HORRIBLY NASTY to me.  Just vile.  Then started shouting at me that I had to show her how to do it.  I was about in tears, she was so mean and loud and in my face.  I was so shocked at how she was acting and the things she was saying to me.  Honestly, I was sweet and calm the entire time.  And trying to help.  But me trying to help does not equate to me knowing how to use the store's computer system better than the so called manager.  Customers aren't supposed to know how you mark down coupons.  I just know that your coupon policy states it to be possible.

So I left, near tears, with not a darn thing.  And no time to visit another store as I was now running late for a meeting.  Awesome.

When I got home around 10PM though, I went online to see this updated policy.  And guess what?  That was a total lie!  I knew it was.  It came up as an excuse for her not knowing how to use the computer.  But I had to double check to be sure I wasn't crazy.

So then on Wednesday morning, I called Rite Aid customer service.  And eventually spoke to an actual person.  Who after listening to me, transferred me to his supervisor, another actual person.  I told her my story.  Which was two fold.  First, the non-coupon policy following manager and the horrible behavior on her end.  And second, I now missed the $4 SCR deal because the date ended. 

She confirmed that I was in fact correct in what coupons I could use at one time.  And took the name of the manager and promised to contact the store.  And then offered to send me a $5 store gift card to compensate for the missed deal.

I thought that was really nice.  It basically costs them nothing as it ensures I go back to the store to use the gift card.  And it covers, albeit in a store card and not cash, what I would have earned from the SCR.

I do plan to go back tomorrow to try again with the toothbrushes.  I need them.  But will bring the coupon policy with me for sure this time.

This wasn't an end of the world situation.  But there is just no excuse to treat another person, customer, co-worker, or otherwise, in that manner.  And to make me feel like I was doing something wrong when I was following their written policy and then to lie about a variety of things because you don't know the answers....just so not OK.

I'm glad I spoke up.  I sincerely hope the manager and cashier (who was honestly very sweet and did nothing wrong) get some training.  The manager's behavior was all her own.  But lack of training, in my opinion, is all on corporate. 

Don't worry Rite Aid, I think fences were mended by nice convos with your customer service and I will be back shopping soon.  I just won't neglect to bring my coupon policy with me though!


Christina said...

Awful story I'm sorry you were in that situation. Even when you know you're right it's so easy to get emotional when people are so angry and in your face like that because it's not normal to the rest of us. This happened to me (not the exact same situation but the yelling) at CVS after Christmas. They forgot to update their sale items in the system so the woman in photo who was helping at the registers had to manually enter all sale prices. I had already see the guy away of me storm away as I walked up and she was clearly already in a bad mood but having to enter all my sale items manually (even though I was being EXTREMELY helpful and understanding of the inconvenience to her) and after something went wrong she had to start over and had a COMPLETE meltdown which involved taking my Theraflu and slamming it against the computer and proceeding to yell at me. I as well was near tears and eventually pushed out the words "I realize you're frustrated but it's not my fault" and she screams at me some more until I finally had to say "You have to stop yelling at me for something that's not my fault". She composed herself to give the most forced apology but I still contacted CVS via email and was told her store and district manager were both contacted about it. So embarrassing but I was doing everything right so what could I do... Glad it worked out for you!

Heather said...

Holy moley, what a horrible experience :( Thank goodness cs was able to compensate somewhat for your loss, but wow, what a lot of grief you went through. I hope your next transactions go smoothly :)