Sunday, December 18, 2011

Coke, Zhu Zhu Pets and CVS Coupons

What sort of Coke coupon did y'all get yesterday at CVS?  Bloggers were saying they received 3 12-packs for $8 coupons.  Mine was 2 for $6.  Which is still a decent deal.  But not quite as great as the 3 for $8.  Oh well.  I wanted Diet Coke so I was happy to get a deal.  Sad though to find a coupon for $1/2 Coke at the second CVS I went in.  So after I purchased the Coke.  Ha.  Always something, right?

I went to four CVS stores hoping against all odds to get another Pro Nutrients deal.  I didn't realize earlier n the week that the $5 red machine coupon would be produced once each day.  Ah!  Sad sad sad.  That was such a great deal to roll just a few ECB's after all the coupons to earn a gift card.  Live and learn.  Because all the stores were long sold out. 

They were also all out of the Zhu Zhu pets.  So I still have no idea what those are.  But my favorite CVS store (and the fourth that I went to today) was so nice to honor the $0.99 CVS red machine coupon on anything else Zhu Zhu.  I picked up this lunch box and will keep it for the fall when my Junior League typically does some sort of back to school drive.  I personally think it's ugly as sin but I'm not five, so what do I know.

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The Pun-isher said...

Just Curious, what is your favorite CVS. There are so many around here.