Friday, December 9, 2011

Easy and Inexpensive Gift Ideas

I thought this might be a good time to show y'all some gift ideas that have been big hits in my family over the years.  My biggest challenge is always kids from age 5-16.  I don't seem them enough to know what's cool and not cool and what they have already.  By that age they certainly have big wardrobe opinions.  And in my family, they are nearly all little boys.  A complete mystery to me.

This was a BIG hit!  I picked up lots of funky flavored sodas as well as a bottle koozie and funky straw (pack of 6 just $1 at Dollar General).  Put everything in a colorful bucket from the $1 section at Target.  Added crinkle and wrapped it all up in a big bag.  As always, click the images to see the original explanation posts.

And for the family gift exchange, a little bucket full of nips.  These are fun to make single drinks or to add to a hot bevvy during the 75 months of winter we have ahead of us.

These were other favorites.  What I called Sugar Buckets.  I bought buckets at the Dollar General.  And kiddie snacks and sweets at various stores.  Very inexpensive.  And a HUGE hit with kids.  Parents, perhaps notsomuch.  Ha. 

I love how I wrapped them and actually use this method a lot with oddly shaped gift baskets.  Take a yard of scrap fabric, place the bucket or odd shaped gift in center, and tie with a grosgrain ribbon bow.  Simple as can but but be prepared for everyone to make a big fuss over your amazing gift wrapping skills. 

Oh and last year I made initial towel wraps.  You need to know some basic sewing skills but they were pretty simple and inexpensive.  And I hope pretty useful- bath, pool, beach, etc.  Again, click the images to see better explanations of the gifts.

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