Sunday, December 18, 2011

So I finally convinced my father to give body wash a try instead of bar soap.  Seeing as how I can score bags of free body wash every month.  The man is set in his ways.  Loves himself a bar of soap.  And that's fine I guess.  But bar soap leaves the entire shower just so gross.  It clings to the tub and holds on to dirt.  Have you ever noticed that? 

Anyway, he begrudgingly agreed to try body wash for a week to stop my nagging.  And a few months later, he agrees that it is better than bar soap.  Wishes it came unscented, but does like it.  And on that topic, what is up with the heavy scents of all the boy products on the market?  They are all SOOO strong.

Back to the body wash though.  He likes it.  But doesn't like that you have to balance the bottle upside down after a certain point to easily get the soap out.  I came up with an easy peasy solution though.  That I am definitely going to do for myself now too.

I washed out an empty lotion pump bottle.  I didn't use soap- just hot water.  And pumped hot water through the pump until it came out clear.  Then squeezed in the body wash.  Screwed the pump top back on and you are good to go.  Easy to use body wash every morning!  At no extra cost to me.

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Christina said...

You probably already know this but there is a good deal going on at CVS after Christmas on Nivea products. $10 ECB wby $20. The deal I'm planning is 2 body washes and 4 lip care totaling $20 even minus 4 $1/1 lip care coupons from their Facebook page and 2 $1/1 body wash from RP 12/4 which will make all 6 items $4 :)