Saturday, December 17, 2011

CVS Money Makers

I just realized I never posted about my CVS trip from Sunday.  Let's see if I can remember the details...

So here's what I purchased...
(3) Centrum Pro-Nutrients  reg. $12.79, sale $9.99
(2) Loreal Root Rescue  reg. $8.29, sale $5.99
(2) Mentos Up2U Gum  reg. $1.49, sale BOGO

-(1) $5/1 Centrum Pro-Nutrients CVS red machine coupon
-(3) $7/1 Centrum Pro-Nutrients 12/11 coupons
-(2) $2/1 Loreal coupons
-(2) $1/1 Mentos Up2U Gum coupons
-(1) $4/$20 CVS coupon (emailed to me)
-$7.24 ECB

Total value purchased ... $57.93
Paid out of pocket ... $0.20
Percentage saved ... 99%
Earned ... $10 Gift Card from purchasing (3) Pro-Nutrients and $5 ECB from Loreal

Oh but it's never that easy.  My $5 ECB that I earned from purchasing two Loreal hair dye boxes didn't print.  But I didn't notice it until I got home.  I called the store but they were closed.  So I called CVS customer service and they were very nice but my transaction was not yet available for them to view.  The gal told me it would take up to a week.  But the next day, she called and left a voice mail stating that I didn't purchase two and only even purchased four items and clearly didn't qualify for the ECB but thanks for calling. 

So I called back!  I hate to chase down a store coupon like a crazy lady but I had totally earned it.  And not just because I bought the required products that were marked very clearly on the shelf.  But because the first box I picked up had been previously pilfered by a little sticky fingers.  They stole the dye portion out of the box.  But also left open the conditioner tube.  So when I picked up the box, I dumped the conditioner ALL OVER MYSELF.  Jeans, puffy LL Bean coat and loafers. 

Oh I had soooo earned that darn ECB!

When I called back, the new gal looked up my case and said she was confused why the first gal would call and tell me that.  Because my transaction still wasn't even available for viewing.  She said she would re-open my case and get back to me.

Lo and behold, on Friday, the first gal called back to say my transaction was finally available for viewing and I did in fact qualify for that $5 ECB and she sent it to my card.  When I popped in a store and scanned my card at the magic red machine, the $5 ECB printed easily. 


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Christina said...

Awesome! I'm totally jealous that you got the vitamins, they are sold out EVERYWHERE near me. According to one of the store managers, they were having a problem with the distributor :( I was lucky enough to find a store manager willing to write me a rain check for the gift card deal though even though it says no rain checks and to give me the $5/1 CVS coupon even though I had to order a new physical card to use the machine and it hasn't arrived yet! Now I'm just hoping they arrive this week so I can get it before the coupons expire on Christmas! Fingers crossed! :)