Monday, December 26, 2011

Epic Fail

OK so I just have to share this in an effort to keep things honest around here. 

I don't know when, probably some time in April-ish, I figured out what I wanted to do for my family's Dirty Santa (aka Santa Game, aka Yankee Trade, aka White Elephant, etc depending on what part of the country you live in) Game this year.  I planned and plotted to do a big bag full of girly things.  But use coupons to get things at a great price, of course.  To not spend above our set limit but hopefully make the gift bag value much greater than the set limit. 

I thought I had a great idea.

So the gift included all sorts of things from several bottles of nail polish, files, and do dads.  Olay face cloths, body wash, and make-up remover.  One of those big Finish dishwasher things that hang in the dishwasher.  One of the hands free Lysol hand soap kits.  A motion activated room spray.  My favorite JR Watkins lotion (my FAVORITE).  And a dozen other fun things.  I think my estimated value was over $75 (our limit to spend is in the $25 range).  It was pretty much a drug store in a bag.  But it had a mix of useful things and things that are useful but pricey that we would never typically buy.

Let me just tell you that the gift went over like a lead balloon.  Ha!  Everyone thought I just cleaned out my closet.  And thought it was the strangest gift ever concocted. 

In my mind, it made sense.  Had a theme.  Geared towards women.  Was useful.  But also fun.

Um...I was so the only person who could see all that. 

On the other hand, I gave this slightly different and smaller version of the same gift theme to my neighbor who kindly gives me her coupons each week.  She LOVED it.  Like was so excited about all the fun little treats inside.

So the moral of the story is, you win some and lose some in life.  On Thursday, this gift was a winner winner chicken dinner.  On Sunday, big fatty epic failure. 

Can't win 'em all!

Oh and from the Dirty Santa Game, I came home with a big bottle of Apple Pie Moonshine.  I had to steal it too.  So worth it- totally delish over ice!

Merry Christmas, y'all!


Christina said...

Haha I totally understand your pain. I had this idea as well and feared that a non-couponer wouldn't understand the fun in it. I want you to know I would have loved it lol. I would've understood the awesomeness :)

Sheila said...

I know what you family thinks I get EVERYTHING for FREE. I don't, cheap maybe. But if it's worth over $75 and you put all that thought and time into it...the gift should be appreciated.