Thursday, December 15, 2011


Y'all have left the sweetest comments and emails for me lately and I have been a total slacker this week.  How terrible of me! 

But the most horribly thing happened.  My computer got a virus.  But I didn't realize it at first and thought it was an update from Microsoft.  So I tried to do an update- including paying for an update to an Anti Virus (yes...I do see the irony) software. 

So in the end, my computer crashed.  Hard.  I paid as much to have it fixed as I could have paid for a new computer.  Seriously.  And in the process, lost EVERY SINGLE FILE.  Every photo.  Every invoice.  Every list.  Everything!  I also had to cancel my debit card and get a new one today. 

So I completely apologize for being behind with doing coupon updates.  I'm also not seeing the most amazing deals right now. 

But I'm getting my rear back in gear, y'all!  I'm loving that I have so many local readers now.  We should plan to do a little meet up after the first of the year.

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