Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Incredible Deal At Rite Aid

So J.R.Watkins products are on sale at Rite Aid this week, 2/$3.  That's an awesome deal.  Many are reporting to find $1/1 peelies.  I've been to three Rite Aid stores and have yet to find any peelies though.  But if you do, that's a rock your pink socks deal.  But one of my stores did have these kits included in the 2/$3.  They are normally $13.99.  So even without the peelie coupons, that's a huge savings.  I needed a cup of crack Diet Coke too.  Because sometimes Diet Coke is an actual need, regardless of coupons.

Purchased ...
(1) Diet Coke  reg. $1.69, 10% discount $1.52
(2) JR Watkins kits  reg. $13.99, sale 2/$3

Minus ...
- $4 +up Rewards

Total value purchased ... $29.67
Paid out of pocket ... $0.52
Percentage saved ... 98%

1 comment:

All That Glitters said...

OMG!!! I'm going to try to find these! Thank you so much for sharring!