Saturday, December 3, 2011

Price Chopper Coupon Policy : Clarification On Doubles

This week I was at Price Chopper and ran into a road block when trying to use a $0.75/1 coupon.  It didn't automatically double and when I asked why, the young cashier was unsure.  She stared at my coupon for a good amount of time before deciding that it didn't double because it stated "Do Not Double" at the top.

I said that the double actually came from the store so that answer didn't make sense and would she please consult a manager for me.  Annoyed but obliging, she went up to interrupt a manager who was in the middle of dealing with a difficult customer.  I knew right then and there this was not going my way.

So she says something like "the coupon didn't double and I told her it was because it says this at the top, is that right?"  And the manager, busy and too young to have any customer service training as she was no older than 21, said yes.

I removed the two items from my cart and finished my transaction.

Then I went to Customer Service.  I know Price Chopper's coupon policy and this just didn't make sense.  But the manager I spoke with, also no older than 22, said that was a long standing policy. 

Frustrated I left.

And when I returned home, I looked up the coupon policy online.  Had they changed their policy and I didn't know it?  Maybe I was in fact wrong.

Well I saw not a darn thing in the coupon policy so I took a moment to email the company.  I fully explained my situation and asked what was up.

I was very pleased when they replied to me the next afternoon.  They said that I was in fact correct.  That sometimes coupons don't automatically double and need to be done manually.  They said that they were contacting the store and the store would soon contact me. 

Of course the store never contacted me.  But I felt worlds better to know that I was correct and should better stand my ground next time.  With this email in hand, I plan to go grab those two items tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

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Jaimie said...

don't be surprised if you get a store gift card in the mail. I've complained on two different occasions regarding cashiers and managers being ill-advised of coupons and both times have received gift cards (even after asking them to please not send me one because I wasn't trying to make anything off the situation.)