Saturday, December 17, 2011

Paper Towels And Pasta Sauce

I needed a few baking products today so I had to run into Price Chopper.  Ah- I try hard not to go on weekends, especially during the day.  But a need is a need.  The marshmallows aren't going to make themselves!

The PChop I visited early in the week has had the Advantage Card machine out of use for a few weeks now.  Thankfully, this PChop today was functioning so it gave me the much talked about Sparkle coupon.  Yay!  I was low on paper towels and I much MUCH prefer the select-a-size varieties.  I feel like I waste less.  I also had one more of the Wolfgang Puck pasta sauce coupons.  As expected (yay!), it produced a $0.75 catalina that I rolled in my second transaction.  Woo hoo!

Since I put everything away and the sales end in a few hours, here are only these two items highlighted.  They were done in separate transactions as I did two transactions today.  That's the most I can get away with, unlike the TLC show. 

Purchased ...
(1) Wolfgang Puck Pasta Sauce  reg. $2.79
(2) Sparkle Paper Towels  reg. $7.49, sale $5

Minus ...
- (1) $1/1 Wolfgang Puck pasta sauce
- (1) doubler
- (1) $2/2 Sparkle Paper Towels Price Chopper Advantage coupon
- (2) $1/1 Sparkle Paper Towels print coupons
- (2) doublers

Pasta Sauce original price, $2.79.  After coupons, $0.79.  Earned $0.75 on your next order catalina!

Sparkle Paper Towels original price $7.49.  After sale and coupons, $2/each. 

My joy as a result of buying select-a-size paper towels at such a great price is inappropriately high.  Ha!  Sad but true couponing tales from my pantry to yours.

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